Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Butterfly / Toy Heart

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Released for the very first time as part of the super deluxe reissue of Yusuf / Cat Stevens 1978 record Back To Earth; two previously unheard tracks recorded during the original sessions, Butterfly and Toy Heart. Yusuf chose to discount the tracks from the final cut of the record because he considered them to lyrically have too much of a “pop single flavor”. “When I recorded” Yusuf explains, “there would always be one or two songs left over which somehow didn’t fit the mood of the album I wanted to build. Though the songs were good, they were parked on the side”

Both tracks are now released as a very special double A side 7” single. With artwork contribution by Yusuf himself. Butterfly is a soaring, groove-based stylistic shift into Philly soul, replete with swooning strings. Toy Heart, meanwhile, is a propulsive rocker that in its writer’s mind was “like a song for Elvis.”