Various Artists - The Krautrock and Progressive (CD Box Set)

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Six CD set. The year 1965 suffered an unexpected detour in pop culture: starting the explosion of psychedelia and the influence of Bob Dylan's poetry, rock, as an aesthetic movement, wanted to earn the recognition that genres such as jazz or classical music had. Due to this, many virtuoso performers and complex arrangements and improvisation were incorporated to rock's catalog. That's how psychedelic rock and then progressive rock came to be. Meanwhile in Germany, and influenced by both the English rock and by German avant-garde artists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, a new way of understand rock music was born, with poetry inspired by outer space and a remarkable use of electronics and experimentation. This musical movement was dubbed by British press as krautrock. The Krautrock And Progressive Rock Box is the definitive album that illustrates both these cultural moments, with a range of artists that never before were compiled together. The Krautrock and Progressive Box is a work of unusual magnitude that will delight not only those experts in the genres, but any fan of rock music.