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Thought Bubble - Around

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Limited to 250 copies on transparent Clockwork Orange vinyl.

Thought Bubble are an alt electronic duo, but whose music regularly veers into
various noisy skronk fusion pigeonholes.

This collection of pieces will take listeners through some dark downtempo grooves - but then suddenly pound them with startling beats that will rattle furniture!

Having spent the last decade or so as members of various psych and spacey fusion
bands, on the psychedelic rock festival circuit, keyboardist Chris Cordwell and
percussionist Nick Raybould had maintained Thought Bubble as their cherished side project.
It’s now time to bring it into the open.
DJs and podcasters for psych and prog radio shows have already been drip feeding their audiences some of these tracks - steadily building up an appetite for something more tangible and tangerine.
Several pieces on this album feature additional guest musicians, brought in to add texture. Be it guitar, clarinet or voice.