The Who - Live In London, Paris And…Felixstowe 1965-66-67

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Seventeen tracks recorded for radio and TV between 1965 and 1967 show the Who at their fiery best. Recorded all over the place, this documents the Who’s transition from r’n’b to pop-art with a healthy side order of auto-destruction. The track selection includes everything from hit singles such as Substitute and My Generation to complete obscurities such as You Rang?

Side One: 1. Substitute 2. Man With Money 3. Dancing In The Street 4. Barbara Ann 5. My Generation 6. Daddy Rolling Stone 7. Happy Jack 8. My Generation. Side Two: 1. So Sad About Us 2. I’m A Boy 3. Substitute 4. My Generation 5. Shout & Shimmy 6. Man With Money 7. My Generation 8. Jingle Bells 9. You Rang?

Release Date 17/9/21, CD release date 19/1/24