The Rolling Stones - Live At The Oakland Coliseum 1969

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This LP contains soundboard recordings of the Rolling Stones’ live performance in Oakland, California at the start of their ground breaking November 1969 trek across North America. Subsequently broadcast on Radio KSAN at the behest of Bill Graham, these ninetracks demonstrate why on this tour the Stones were introduced as “the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world.” Four of these songs - Prodigal Son, You Gotta Move, Gimme Shelter and Satisfaction - were not included on the Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! LP, recorded later onthe tour in New York and Baltimore.

Side One 1 Sympathy For The Devil 2 Stray Cat Blues 3 Prodigal Son 4 You Gotta Move

Side Two 1 Love In Vain 2 Live With Me 3 Gimme Shelter 4 Little Queenie 5 Satisfaction