The HU - The Gereg (Deluxe Edition)

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This new deluxe edition of the band's 2019 debut album comes with 6 new and unreleased tracks in 2xCD digipak and 2xLP on red vinyl in gatefold sleeve formats.

There's never been better cultural ambassadors for Mongolian music than The Hu, and that isn't mere hyperbole. After the band began to rack up tens of millions of views on YouTube for their 'hunnu' (meaning 'human') music - a beguiling mix of Central Asian folk and western rock - the country's foreign ministry in Ulaanbaatar was quick to capitalise, appointing The Hu official ambassadors to the rest of the world world on behalf of the nation. So it makes sense that the band's debut album The Gereg is named after the tablet carried by Mongol nobles and officials in the 13th century, which allowed certain privileges, like ease of travel and access to a supply of horses. It's an album that brings Mongol culture and history to the world.