Squid - Sludge / Broadcaster

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Squid are back with Broadcaster, the AA-side companion to their recent offering Sludge. The tracks get a limited edition vinyl pressing, via new label Warp Records. It features an extended version of Broadcaster.

Broadcaster is built around an arpeggiated synth sequence that was conceived during a writing session in a woodland cabin by Arthur whilst the rest of the band were out hiking. As the song develops, guitars, drum machines and delays join the fray, pushing the track into its chaotic and visceral crescendo. All this works as the perfect foil to singer Ollie Judge’s oblique lyrics. Paired with their richly percussive and sonically evolving ‘Sludge’, the quintet not only opens up their sound, but they do so without abandoning the experimentation and playfulness that made them such an exciting prospect when they burst on the scene just over a year ago.