Saint Agnes - Welcome To Silvertown

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Self-produced, and engineered by Luke Oldfield (The Wytches, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats), the recording captures the true rebel heart and energy of the band. Welcome To Silvertown is an album that is musically unshackled and an accurate snapshot of the band's ferocious intensity, fusing the menacing frenzie of rock with a dark, cinematic flare.

Born in a dingy sub-zero flat, the album is rife with themes of wild fantasy, escapism, emotional fragility and the inside-outs of living in East London's district of Silvertown. Whilst the thuds of the opening title track and Move Like A Ghost deliver the riff-laden assault that Saint Agnes fans have come to love, Why Do You Refuse To Die sees the band step into new territories, taking inspiration from the drama and excitement of Western films, a magnificent and illuminating sound that surprises and delights in equal measure. Diablo Take Me Home touches on the band's love of blues and Jack White-esque Detroit riffery, whilst The Witching Hour pairs the insistent rhythms of The Stooges with a Grace Slick vocal delivery.