The Fall - [Austurbæjarbíó] - Reykjavík Live 1983 (RSD20)

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Recorded at the band's show on May 6, 1983 inAusturbaejarbio, Reykjavik, Iceland, the gig showcasessome new material that would surface on Perverted ByLanguage later the same year.It is an exemplary document of the band at that time,featuring the fabled line-up of Mark E.Smith / SteveHanley / Paul Hanley / Karl Burns & Craig Scanlon.This vinyl version is the first time this album has beenreleased in this format and has been re-mastered by longterm Fall engineer Andy Pearce."Austurbaejarbio, Reykjavik Live 1983" will be availableexclusively on Record Store Day 2020 and pressed inlimited quantity on orange & yellow splatter vinyl.