Robyn - Robyn (RSD20)

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Originally released in 2005, this will be the first time Robyn has been released on vinyl.The album features the hit singles 'Be Mine' and 'With Every Heartbeat'.This release for Record Store Day has a newly configured track listing, featuring previous bonus tracks 'Jack You Off' and 'Dream On', and also features the original album cover artwork.The vinyl will be pressed on 180 gram coloured vinyl, as well as containing a digital download card.

Side A

  1. Curriculum Vitae (Feat. Swingfly)
  2. Konichiwa Bitches
  3. Cobrastyle
  4. Handle Me

Side B

  1. Bum Like You
  2. Be Mine!
  3. With Every Heartbeat - with Kleerup
  4. Who's That Girl?

Side C

  1. Dream On
  2. Bionic Women (Interlude)
  3. Crash and Burn Girl
  4. Robotboy

Side D

  1. Eclipse
  2. Should Have Known
  3. Any Time You Like
  4. Jack U Off