Various Artists - Dune (OST) (RSD20)

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Limited Orange “Spice” coloured vinyl. Limited to 2000 worldwide. Soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1984 cult film. Composed by TOTO and Brian Eno. Sourced from the original master tapes. Includes 24 x 24 full color poster. Audiophile Pressing at RTI.

Track listing 1. Prologue, Main Title 2. Robot Fight 3. Leto’s Theme 4. The Box 5. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron) 6. Trip to Arrakis 7. First Attack 8. Prophecy Theme 9. Dune (Desert Theme) 10. Paul Meets Chani 11. Prelude (Take My Hand) 12. Paul Takes The Water Of Life 13. Big Battle 14. Paul Kills Feyd 15. Final Dream 16. Take My Hand