Lee Fields - Let's Get A Groove On (RSD20)

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Freshly unleashed from the vaults of Desco Records and remastered for the first time since its 1998 release, it is an honor to announce the re-release of one of the finest and most satisfying needle drops of the last 40 years.An album that needs no introduction, yet one is required...we're talking raw soul and heavy, heavy funk sung with aplomb by one of the best in the biz...Ladies and Gentlemen...Presenting!the Lee Fields' classic, "Let's Get a Groove".And groove you shall, for this is supernova of soulful superiority.There is no equal.Side 11: Intro by Mr.Lee Fields2: Let's Get a Groove On3: Watch That Man4: Hey Sallie Mae (Get Off of My Feet)5: Let a Man Do What He Wanna Do6: All By MyselfSide 21: Put it on Me2: Take it or Leave it3: Steam Train4: I;m a Millionaire5: Bad, Bad, Bad