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Pulselovers - Cotswold Stone

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This new long player from Doncaster based Pulselovers is driven by warm analogue sounds, conveying an underlying sense of being somewhere beautiful out in the country. Traces of bucolic playfulness jostle with sequenced ribbons of synthetic sound that could have emanated from the radiophonic workshop in its prime.

Cotswold Stone presents a meditation on the passing of time and the persistence of memory and is, in part, a reflective work of familial dedication and reverence. When taken in in a single sitting these soundscapes create a strong overarching narrative that take you on a journey through the rolling hillsides of England.

The record is given extra dimensions and texture through the hugely tasteful and sympathetic deployment of woodwind instruments at various points. This adds a real sense of pastoral energy and humility to the work, marking the release out as a singular entry in the wider hauntological canon.

Label: Castles In Space

Genres: electronica, ambient, electropop