Objeto - Micromundos

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The first of two wonderful new full lengths for Polytechnic Youth for the first week in July. This is a debut release on vinyl for Spanish based Jordi Navarra whose musical oeuvre stretches between 'Surf, Hippie / Space Rock and crude electronic music' often different yet coated in tons of reverb and echo for 'it's final catalepsy'! 'Micromundos,' needless to say for PY devotees, concentrates on his cruder electronic soundscapes; incredible often ambient, drone themed pieces that on one hand dip their toes into the revered works of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius, and the sky back catalogue whilst equally conjuring up a collision of Spacemen 3 psych meets Wire, early Cabs or Magazine darker more atmospheric, post punk industrial / experimental workouts. Eight abstract, kosmische fuelled pieces that act as an interesting sister release to the label's other July offering, the more overtly 'in-yr-face' synth pop themed Mitra Mitra LP. Two beautiful releases expected to sell out pretty swiftly, and released together first week of July.