Neneh Cherry - Broken Politics

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Neneh's fifth solo album Broken Politics, produced in its entirety by Four Tet. The sounds on Broken Politics possess an impressive depth and variety, from the rippling, windswept chimes of opener Broken Leaves to the layers of woodwinds assisting Slow Release's tense build. There's a sense of restraint streaked across the album that serves to heighten an overall tension—along Cherry's passionate, thoughtful lyrics and subject matter. Kong is a collaboration with Massive Attack's 3D, was inspired by the "ignorance" elicited by the escalating situation in the Calais refugee encampments. Continuing her blurring and conflation of the personal and the political, single Shot Gun Shack tackles the link between violence and deprivation using poetic logic. The single is another creative meld of avant-pop that could only be Neneh; the daughter of jazz great Don Cherry who grew up in rural Sweden, early 80s Alphabet City, NYC and post-punk era Bristol and London. The artwork for Broken Politics is by the Turner Prize winning Wolfgang Tillmans.