Native Harrow - Closeness

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Closeness, the fourth LP from Pennsylvania’s Native Harrow, elaborates on the duo’s radiant warmth and timeless nostalgia with the inclusion of new sounds and experiences. The combustible fuzz-driven opener Shake gives way to slices of 70s FM groove (The Dying of Ages and the desert funk of If I Could), 60s art pop (Even Peace and the expansive orchestral Sun Queen), and the kind of graceful folk (Smoke Burns) and folk soul (the compassionate conviction of Carry On) the band is best known for. The intricate polyrhythms and grinding Moog synthesizer (Same Every Time), the fully realized vintage jazz combo (Turn Turn), and the exquisite piano ballad (the penultimate Feeling Blue) provide glimpses down previously unexplored streets and find the band stretching out and confidently illuminating their expansive aspirations.