My Baby - Mounaiki ~ By the Bright of Night

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Hot on the heels of last year’s lauded LP Prehistoric Rhythm and gracing the main stages of Bestival, Boomtown, Wilderness and Shambala festivals this year, the Dutch /Kiwi psychedelic trio return with another astrological pack of stomping, shamanic psy-trance Rock. Mounaki - By the Bright of Night entwines frontwoman Cato van Dyck’s entrancing vocals, kaleidoscopic guitars, deep bass-driven grooves and tripped out tribal beats. The album is a further foray into My Baby’s perpetual journey - connecting the roots of the earth and planetary wonder through a genre bending, time travelling narrative. More than just the band’s name, My Baby is a central character in the band’s songwriting, a kind of phantom muse. She is imagined as ‘a girl in the 70s dreaming about being a flapper girl from the 20s’. Their brand of storytelling over hypnotic grooves arose from the challenge of unifying musical influence. My Baby’s mesmeric sound is informed by Shamanic Chants, Blues, ancient Folk, 70s Funk, Afrobeat, Moroccan Gnawa, Indian Raga, transcending perfectly into contemporary dance beats deftly delivered by drummer Sheik van Dyck.