Motorpsycho - Behind The Sun

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For their previous album Still Life With Eggplant they assembled some 20 songs of what Bent Sæther called 'other music', simply songs from the last three years that didn't suit the operatic Unicorn behemot, but refused to be ignored. For most of the recording sessions the core trio was augmented by guitarist Reine Fiske. Best known for his work in Swedish psych-combos Dungen and The Amazing, Reine is an old acquaintance of the band, and his recent exploits with Stale Storlokken's Elephant9 had made the pairing seem like a potentially interesting one for Motorpsycho as well. So well, in fact, that he tagged along for most live shows as well as the recording of the new magnum opus Behind The Sun. With nine tracks clocking in at just over an hour, the album also brings the Hell, Part 1-3 from Still Life With Eggplant to a conclusion (?) with Hell, Part 4-6 and the closing track Hell, Part 7.