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Metamatics - Midnight Sun Pig

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The complete album for the first time ever on LP - Limited Edition Coloured Double Vinyl. A classic of its time, Midnight Sun Pig was first released by the now defunct Swedish based Dot Records at the dawn of the Millennium and gives a fascinating insight into the mind of Metamatics, with a distinctive sound that is impossible to pigeonhole. Metamatics - aka the influential Lee Anthony Jude Norris whose numerous albums and singles across a string of labels under the monikers of Metamatics, Norken, Nacht Plank and Autumn Of Communion have captivated electronica aficionados for two decades.

Often thought of as a maverick outsider who doesn't care much for being an electronica celebrity, Norris has gained a flawless reputation for his mesmerising electronica with his self-professed aim to "stimulate synapses rather than devastate dance floors". Looking to Eno, Numan and Depeche Mode more than his fellow electronic contemporaries, Lee has become a hugely influential artist in his own right among serious music makers - cred-stokingly namedropped by Radiohead's Colin Greenwood, Laurent Garnier, Nicolas Lutz and John Foxx amongst others. Original pressings of his albums have become much sought-after as time has moved forth changing hands for upwards of £100 a piece. Hydrogen Dukebox, with whom Lee has had a long-term working relationship, have resurrected the cult LP, releasing the whole album as a two LP set for the first time. As many fans will agree, this is the only way Midnight Sun Pig should be given the re-release treatment, pressed onto vinyl in its entirety with new artwork by life-long Hydrogen Dukebox collaborator and designer Chris Thomson and all 10 tracks presented across two pristine slabs of Sun Pig Pink Vinyl.