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Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show

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With 2 Grammy Awards, an Oscar, several platinum & multi-platinum albums, plus a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to her name, it’s safe to say that Melissa Etheridge is worthy of the term ‘icon’ – especially, as she’s been consistently open, active and bold when it comes to issues pertinent to both lifestyle and the environment. Simply, this is an artist where music & message are tightly bound together, and that very much holds true for ‘The Medicine Show’, which comes out all guns blazin’ with its stomping title track. If you’re a fan of Melissa’s earlier releases, then this latest outing – produced by songwriter & guitarist John Shanks, also a touring member of Bon Jovi’s band – will squarely hit the spot, being wall-to-wall with emotive, finely-crafted songs plus a level of energy that shows a respected, influential musician fully fired-up and ready to embark on a new phase in their career. Just what the doctor ordered.