Matt Maltese - Madhouse

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Matt Maltese's appropriately-titled new EP Madhouse isn’t just a score for the everyday boredoms we encounter, it’s a musing on us human beings’ “ever-hopeful quest for meaning and love.” A more virtuous and lofty aspiration, at least while Tinder’s hook ups are out the window for the time being. Maltese has always nailed lonesome provocations with idiosyncratic dry wit but Madhouse reckons with those emotions in a way the half British, half Canadian hasn’t yet fully explored until now. “I’ve found that sometimes the majority of the emotional journey of love and life is actually the search for an understanding of it."

Side A

1. Little person / 2. Queen Bee / 3. Hi

Side B

1. Madhouse / 2. Leather Wearing AA / 3. Sad Dream