Mansun - Attack of the Grey Lantern

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This 21st anniversary edition of Attack of the Grey Lantern. Re-mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Anathema). The groundbreaking debut album by Mansun (containing the ageless anthem Wide Open Space). A brilliant hybrid of cinematic Art Rock invention and soaring melodies, Attack Of The Grey Lantern reached number 1 in the UK charts on its release. The second wave of Britpop introduced various bands of dubious merit – but Mansun were one of its genuine successes. Mansun had a thing for the more cerebral end of post-punk (Magazine), a whole heap of Bowie and Prince and a disarming tendency to wander into the great proggy beyond. 1997 debut Attack of the Grey Lantern was even trumpeted as that most progressive of indulgences – the concept album. One in which singer Paul Draper, in the guise of superhero The Grey Lantern, exorcised the inhabitants of a small English village from their life of wanton depravity. It was all done with tongue firmly wedged in cheek of course, Mansun’s opulent pop songs making merry with the likes of Penelope Cheapskate, Albert Taxloss, Dark Mavis and a lusty vicar with an S&M obsession.