Iggy Pop - Free

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Free is a Jazz-tinged film noir soundscape, coupling soft brass arrangements with Talking Heads hooks and grooves, amidst underwater city soundscapes with a sonic palette reminiscent of latter David Bowie and Brian Eno solo records. The talents of Iggy's new collaborators are in full flow throughout the ten tracks, providing him with a broad and cinematic mise en scène, not unlike the world created for Jade Vincent by David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia's Unloved project. It's a musical immersion, one that seems to occupy the space somewhere between past and present.

The 1 minute 48 slow noir Jazz introduction of Free sets the tone, before we're hit with the direct low-slung bass drive of Love Missing. The cinematic Jazz sweep of Sonalil guides us in to the cheeky jangle groove of James Bond. TV on the Radio-esque Mexican big-beat number Dirty Sanchez hits you hard, before Glow In The Dark and 'Page' go somewhere deep in to Iggy's soul. By which time you realise this is a special record.

The poetic trio of We Are The People, Do Not Go Gentle In To The Good and The Dawn seal the deal, as three statements of intent. Iggy finds a full freedom delivering a fresh, honest, challenging and sincere attempt to be Free with this album.