The Heartwood Institute - Tomorrow's People

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Jonathan Sharp’s HI project continues it’s fascination with the world of 70’s counter-culture. The hippies, the bikers, the occultists, the idealists and activists. From Amanda Feilding and her self-trepanation, the Albion Fairs and the Pop Festivals, the rural idyll of Findhorn to the fragmenting Ballardian cities choked with uncollected rubbish. 

As Jonathan himself urges “Come with us on a search for alternative ways of living with Tomorrow’s People!” 

Another wonderful record of often otherworldly, earthy, organic electronic music interspersed with sampled narrative passages. Always fascinating and to these ears, occasional forays into horror soundtrack world.

Like “Secret Rites”, the new record features another superb Nick Taylor sleeve design; inside and out jacket print, in top loading reverse board sleeves.