Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac: 1969-1974

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fleetwood mac 1969-1974 covers a five-year timeframe that encompasses several different band lineups, from founding members fleetwood, green, mcvie and spencer; to later additions like danny kirwan, christine mcvie, dave walker, bob welch, and bob weston.

the collection includes seven remastered studio albums: then play on (1969), kiln house (1970), future games (1971), bare trees (1972), penguin (1973), mystery to me (1973), and heroes are hard to find (1974). the cd set concludes with an unreleased recording of the band’s december 15, 1974 concert at the record plant in sausalito, california. the performance captures the band – fleetwood, welch and the mcvies – on tour supporting their latest album, heroes are hard to find. originally, the show was simulcast on the legendary rock radio station ksan-fm in san francisco.