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Earthling Society - Ascent To Godhead

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UK Space / Psych Rock favourites Earthling Society return with their new album Ascent To Godhead. Their second on Riot Season, the first being their sold out 2014 album England Have My Bones which got great reviews across the board. Ascent To Godhead is limited to 400 retail copies pressed on lovely blue vinyl to match the Alice Coltrane inspired hand painted artwork. Fleetwood psychonauts return with their second album of 2017. Whereas Zen Bastard was a re-imagining of ancient songs from the back catalogue, Ascent to Godhead consists of brand new compositions improvised in the studio. No Hawkwind-esque generators are to be found which are synonymous with the space rock genre. Instead we have a calamitous howl more reminiscent to the Birthday Party than to Gong. Earthling Society’s unique song writing abilities remain however; where no song starts and ends the same, constantly morphing into something new. Jazz and eastern rhythms are at the forefront of Ascent to Godhead. Taking inspiration from Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Far East Family band, Tidori Takada amongst others. This is no hippy claptrap from the sunshine playroom, it’s an album that ties your brain in knots, and oozes spiritual meaning. Also included is the long lost garage rocker Can You Levitate? Recorded in 2009 and only unearthed earlier this year. Proving that earthling Society were belting this stuff out long before the current psych scene with it Elevators’ call to arms and Butthole Surfers splashdown.

Label: Riot Season Records

Genres: space rock, prog rock