Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats

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 The second of three Bogdan Raczynski albums released in 1999 for the Rephlex label, ‘Samurai Math Beats’ exists somewhere between the outsider jungle mined by labelmates Aphex Twin and Squarepusher (dubbed ‘drill’n’bass’) and the sun-bleached public information music of Warp artists such as Plone and Boards Of Canada.  Whilst many listeners at the time were left scratching their heads at the full on collision of hyperkinetic rhythms and arcade game melodies, in many ways the record pointed the way towards future musical mutations, from the frenetic BPMs of footwork to the deconstructed pop music of Mica Levi.  Re-cut by Beau Thomas and available on vinyl for the first time since original release.  Double LP contains digital download card and 24” x 12” poster.  “Classic braindance” - Hardwax  “Low-budget keyboards, Japanese robots, brown cardboard, child-like melodies, hyperactive machinery, kung-fu, drums, drums, and more drums.” - All Music  “Bogdan was a massive inspiration for some of my tracks on the ‘Drukqs’ album, the fact he was doing it all on a shit PC tracker… totally amazing. This was before 99.9 percent of people used the computer for everything. His records are so underrated.” - Aphex Twin