Bob Dylan - Down in the Groove

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The 25th studio album by Bob Dylan, originally released on May 30th 1988 on Columbia Records. It's a bunch of covers and four originals. The covers are varied, but well-performed, especially the last three tracks (the pop-country Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street), the traditional folk song Shenandoah, and the mountain-gospel Rank Strangers to Me). Ugliest Girl in the World and Silvio are collaborations with Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter.

Dylan has two solo compositions. Had a Dream About You, Baby, with Eric Clapton and Ron Wood sitting in, is lightweight but well-done and bouncy, very reminiscent of the Travelling Wilburys work Bob was doing at the same time. The highlight of the record is Death is Not the End, a quiet, beautifuly simple, but totally heartfelt statement of faith.

Released 20/09/19