Blown Out - Sun Rot

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July 2014 was the first encounter with Blown Out label wise. That's when sister label, Swap Meat Records put out the bands debut physical release Sun Rot as a limited run tape. That quickly sold out and two furthers runs were made and also sold out. Since then, there's been a further four Blown Out releases on Riot Season. Drifting Way Out Between Suns (2014), New Cruiser (2016), Superior Venus (2017) and just last week In Search Of Highs Volume 1 (2018). So what better thing to do next than go back to where it all began and release Sun Rot on wax at long last. Sun Rot was recorded to tape and was very lo-fi in nature. The original tapes have been rescued and have tweaked them for vinyl ever so slightly but it very much remains the lo-fi classic it once was. The artwork has been re imagined by the original cover artist, and long time Blown Out artwork collaborator Anthony Downie - and it looks sweet.