Amaranthe - Manifest

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Music has recently become more important than ever. For this reason, the triumphant return of AMARANTHE comes in particularly handy. The six-piece Swedish band have established themselves over the past decade as an impressive, positive and fervent melodic force for metallic wellbeing. Manifest was recorded in Denmark with his long-time colleague Jacob Hansen and is an album with diverse moods and textures, of immense strength and aggression and of exquisite beauty.

This bold blending of elements has always been part of the Amaranthe ethos, but on their sixth album the band shows a heightened sense of lyrical and conceptual substance. With songs that touch on everything from the impending climate catastrophe to theistic mythology, Olof and Elize have truly blossomed as commentators on the trials and tribulations of humanity. They are exciting, meticulously crafted future metal anthems that were specially built to make heads burst, but which are underpinned by a deep sense of humanity and emotional honesty.

Released 02/10/20