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Afternoon Bike Ride - Afternoon Bike Ride

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Montreal based trio Afternoon Bike Ride blend alluring dream-pop vocals, lo-fi beat music, sensitive acoustic instrumentation and leftfield production to create an irresistible post-genre signature sound. Their self titled debut album is a sonic hug that collects 15 tracks conveying messages of self-love, kindness, community and hope. These songs lyrically flurry over instrumentals meant to incline the listener to pause their inner monologue and take a moment to breathe.

The creative process towards the album began with the three friends on the rooftop of David’s apartment in Montreal. The warmth of life in Québec nestled in the purity of it’s winter proves to be a necessary tool in the uniqueness of this album. The engulfing warmth of their music is inspired by the lack thereof; this album is meant to kiss the coldest of hearts.

Release Date 15/10/21