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Now Open on Tuesday and a Reminder of our COVID-19 Policies

Posted by Pete Holland on

We're happy to advise that we'll now be open Tuesdays from 10.30-4.00pm in addition to Fridays and Saturdays.

We thank you all for your immense support which has allowed us to do this. However, now's an opportune time to remind you all of our COVID-19 safeguards...

Firstly it goes without saying that if you are feeling any of the symptoms of COVID19, then please do not visit

We are restricting access to two customers in the shop at any one time. (However, two customers from the same household can be allowed in together as one customer) Within the shop please ensure social distancing is practiced. We have marked out 2m spaces to help you with this

If this means that a queue forms, please queue responsibly and maintaining social distance policy, which is currently 2m. Again, we have marked out some spacers for queueing outside the shop

Once entering the shop, please follow the one way system in place

Alcohol hand sanitizer is provided on entry and exit and is mandatory. We ask that is applied for 20 seconds.

For those of you who wish to browse, then we will provide disposable gloves for your use which are to be deposited in the provided bin on exit. (own gloves will not be sufficient as a precaution)

For those of you who require a specific item, then please speak with us so we can locate your item for you

Contactless payment is preferable, and we may split large orders into separate transactions to facilitate this. If you cannot or prefer not to use contactless then normal card payment will be accepted. Cash is to be used only as a last resort and is to be deposited into an envelope directly and will not be placed directly into the till

We will barcode scan your purchases without handling them and ask that you bring your own bags but will provide a bag if needed, but will leave you to place your items in the bag

On exit from the shop, please follow the directing arrow away from anyone queueing to enter


Thanks for your continued co-operation on this