Various Artists - Punk Classic 45s

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Punk shook the music industry to its foundations in the mid to late seventies, rejecting the excesses of mainstream rock and introducing energy, passion, and a DIY ethic. Often political and anti-establishment as well as aggressive and rebellious, Punk was a youth culture which re-invigorated music. The ten specially selected double AA side 7” singles in this box present twenty of the most varied and exciting tracks spanning those crucial few years. It’s nearly forty years since many of these tracks appeared on vinyl so it is inevitably very difficult to find mint copies. From the initial burst of energy of the Damned, X-Ray Spex, and The Lurkers, the hardcore spirit of likes of The Exploited, to the punk poetry of Patrik Fitzgerald and John Cooper Clarke Housed in a hard slipcase, the ten 7” singles are ‘dinked’ as juke-box singles and the box includes a ‘spider’ centre for play.