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TT - Lovelaws

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Theresa Wayman, the guitarist / vocalist in the band Warpaint, releases her first solo album. Theresa is based in Los Angeles and goes by the artist name TT. The album is called 'LoveLaws' and is released on Theresa’s label LoveLeaks.

Warpaint’s touring made it hard to stay on a consistent creative schedule, so she recorded at her home studio, on the road, in London, and in Warpaint’s Los Angeles rehearsal space. She’s a one-woman band on 'LoveLaws', playing bass, guitar, and synth. She also programmed the drum beats on most of the tracks. Wayman also had a little help from her Warpaint bandmates. She co-produced the album with her brother Ivan Wayman, who contributed his expertise in both engineering and production. Album themes are love, self-love, friendship, break-ups and relationships.