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The Doors - Greatest Hits Live

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The Doors, Greatest Hits, live on TV and radio 1968 ‐ 1970

To this day, the Doors continue to sell millions of records. Unlike the authorities that tried in vain to subdue them, the music of the Doors remains a constant — a force which has not been so much an “influence” in rock, but a monument. Early into their career, their hard hitting instrumentation and lyrical content got them banned rom TV shows and set them apart from their contemporaries. They were provocative, controversial and pushing boundaries with sexually explicit poetry and a dangerous frontman. Led by the surly Jim Morrison, his unpredictable stage persona and outrageous stunts led to his arrest in 1969, but it wasn’t his first brush with the law, and wouldn’t be his last. Even though their journey was short, they had sold over 4 million albums and over 7 million singles by the end of 1971 and would forge a path for punk rock while achieving further levels of immortality through Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’. This prized set of rare radio broadcasts from 1968‐1970 comprises not only a set of ultimate fan favourites, but also catches them on their maiden tour across Europe. It also charts the rise and fall of one of rock’s most compelling and enigmatic icons, captured here before he would shortly join fellow fallen heroes; Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones. Beautifully re‐mastered original radio broadcasts, presented together with background liners and timeline photos

Release Date 22/10/21