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Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - Carpet Album

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Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - an eclectic outernational musical collective - describe themselves as a “spectral trance-jazz ensemble with a psychedelic-punk methodology.” Landing on Kryptox, Carpet Album is their 4th record, compiling material recorded over the last years in the capitals of Romania and Czech Republic, inside a church in Hamburg and while staying with a commune in rural Denmark.

Spiritczualic’s hypnotic music is deeply psychedelic, but not in a Prog or Indie way. Inspired by the 1970s electrified universe of Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and Frank Zappa, they meditate on sonic spectrums hoping to achieve “chaotic relief”. After being remotely overdubbed despite the lockdowns, the songs were mixed in an old empty villa in Nice, by the Côte d'Azur and along Istria’s Adriatic coast

Release Date 15/10/21