Soft Cell - Magick Mutants EP

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Soft Cell release a limited-edition 7″ vinyl EP to accompany their previously announced photo-book To Show You I’ve Been There which was published in May.

Entitled Magick Mutants, the exclusive EP features four previously unreleased tracks: three brand new re-workings of the early Soft Cell classics Bleak Is My Favourite Cliche, Science Fiction Stories and The Girl With The Patent Leather Face, alongside a cover of the late Fad Gadget’s seminal 1979 single Back To Nature, and the EP release is also dedicated to Fad Gadget who studied alongside Marc Almond and Dave Ball at Leeds Polytechnic.

In order to preserve audio quality the four tracks on the vinyl EP are all edited versions, however all purchasers will receive a code which will allow them access to downloads of the four full-length tracks, as well as the edited versions.

Intended as a sequel to 1980’s Mutant Moments release, the new EP features artwork by the band’s Dave Ball, also who created the Mutant Moments sleeve.