Various Artists - Hackers (OST) (RSD20)

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Various Artists - Hackers (Soundtrack) [2LP] (first time on vinyl, gatefold packaging includes notes from Director/Producer Iain Softley & unreleased photos, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)

The definitive soundtrack to the film Hackers, featuring tracks from the film that were not included on the original soundtrack, including “Protection” by Massive Attack, "Open Up" by Leftfield, two tracks by Guy Pratt, “One Combination” and “Grand Central Station” featuring David Gilmore, as well as “Hackers Suite” performed by composer Simon Boswell. The double LP release comes in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the film, which will see revival screenings all over the world. The package includes new notes from Director/Producer, Iain Softley and unreleased photos of the cast.