Girl Band - Vicar Street Live (RSD20)

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In November 2019, Girl Band played back to back sold out shows at Dublin's iconic Vicar street, this was following the release of long awaited second album 'The Talkies' hailed as 'more abstract and more focused than their debut' and a sold out East coast U.S & European tour.Recognised for their ferocious live shows which have been described as chaotic, electrifying and 'genuinely dangerous, like one last rave before the apocalypse', these shows were highly intimate and intensely sought after creating an air of 'you had to be there'.This is their first ever Live vinyl and features tracks from their whole repertoire, some of which have only been performed a handful of times.1.Pears for Lunch - 3.35 2.Fucking Butter - 7.49 3.Lawman - 6.14 4.Heckle The Frames - 1.31 5.The Last Riddler - 1.21 6.Laggard - 5.56 7.Salmon of Knowledge - 6.21 8.Amygdala - 1.43 9.The Cha Cha Cha - 0.29 10.Shoulderblades - 6.07 11.Prefab Castle - 7.39 12.Why they hide their bodies under my garage? 13.Going Norway - 4.13 14.Paul - 6.54