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Ramones - Live 1978

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The Ramones, live from the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA on 31st January 1978

The Ramones’ first three albums (Ramones, Leave Home and Rocket to Russia, are indispensable artefacts of the late-seventies punk explosion with their venomous fusion of Alice Cooper, the Lemon Pipers and any other adolescent obsessions and college preoccupations. Their exhilarating 31st January appearance at the Old Waldorf in 1978 enforced an abundance of energy and good vibes, sweating American culture from every pore in twenty-six tracks, delivered with breakneck ferocity, challenging the pomp of prog and rock. Their Waldorf appearance displays a formidable force of nature, armed with guitars, drums and the trademark “1,2,3,4..” assault. Incidentally, Tommy Ramone would leave the band shortly after these shows, to concentrate on producing, making way for ex-Voidoids drummer Marc Bell (aka Marky Ramone). Rox Vox proudly presents a rare opportunity to capture the Ramones at their explosive best during their formative years when CBGB’s was a minor backstreet haunt. This appearance on 31st January 1978, at the Old Waldorf and broadcast by KSAN-FM, personifies the energy and ferocity of the band as a live act and assists in securing their legacy as the last true garage band. Fully re-mastered sound with background liners and rare photos!

Release Date 5/11/21