Motorhead - 1979 (Deluxe Set)

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1979 was Motorhead year – the year of Overkill and Bomber. Motorhead, the loudest band in the world, with the power and force of a hundred pneumatic drills they destroyed the nation over and again and no-one, repeat no-one, remained unaffected by them – everyone was torn limb from limb. The albums Overkill and Bomber were ten times more powerful than their first album Motörhead, which was a killer in itself. The production was in the capable and experienced hands of one Jimmy Miller, whose previous successes had been with the likes of the Rolling Stones. He brought out the very best in the boys and the total effect was lethal. Overkill and Bomber are real skullcrackers, brain damaging to the nth degree and with the hit singles Overkill, No Class and Bomber you can doubtless guess the destroying effect of the whole affair. That’s Motörhead, straight, basic, down to earth rock and roll, with absolutely no holds barred.