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Moderate Rebels - If You See Something That Doesn't Look Right - Parts I, II & III

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Three part album. All albums totally different. It’s one thing to take the drone rock of your debut album in an entirely new direction but quite another when the result is an ambitious 30 track three-part album. But that’s what London collective Moderate Rebels have done on their biggest project to date, the opus If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right. Fearless in their refusal to be pigeonholed, they touch on everything from driving rhythmic repetition, discordant guitar fuzz and hazy psychedelia, to late 60s-indebted folk and lilting melodic hooks, via twinkling piano ballads, drum machine rigidity and playful synth pop.

If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right is released in three ten track parts in 2021. The album touches on the progressive works of Phil Spector, Fripp and Eno and Syd Barrett, the transcendental pop of Spiritualized, St Etienne and Stereolab, and the wry humour of 80s Pet Shop Boys. But it comes stamped with the group’s own inimitable identity.

Release Date 15/10/21