Johnny Hates Jazz - Wide Awake

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With 500k monthly listeners on spotify, and 60m streams overall, it's clear that Johnny Hates Jazz fans aren’t going anywhere.

In writing 'Wide Awake', the band went beyond the current notion of entertainment, and address ideas such as the need for universal compassion and the ‘power of the collective’. Lead single "Spirit of Love" calls for unity and is poignant to the times we are living in. Musically, the album is an intentional move away from the typical sound you would expect from a Johnny Hates Jazz record. Still flirting with elements of the electronic-pop sound that they became so famous for, the album combines soul-infused melodies with infectious upbeat rock influences. The overriding thrust of the album is one of positivity, whose foundation is both classic songwriting and timeless production. in this way, ‘Wide Awake’ is a celebration of all that is good in the world.