Johan Johansson - Englaborn & Variations

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Deutsche Grammophon release Joohann Joohannsson’s critically-acclaimed debut album in a newly-remastered version - now with much fuller and improved sound, and combined with a complete album of brand-new reworks! Englaborn is a jewel from Joohann’s special catalogue. Together with the new Variations, this double album – beginning with the hauntingly beautiful and intriguing track, Odi et Amo, takes the listener on a journey through the composer’s extraordinary and unique sound-world. Variations features reworks by internationally acclaimed artists such as legendary Ryūichi Sakamoto, A Winged Victory for the Sullen (featuring Dustin O Halloran), Theater of Voices and Alex Somers, as well as Deutsche Grammophon's very own Víkingur Olafsson – to name but a few.