Jockstrap - Wicked City

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Wicked City is the second EP from London-based duo Jockstrap (Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye) but first physical release and first for Warp. Jockstrap defy convention on Wicked City; an epic of an EP, flung into the world to respond to their debut Love Is The Key To The City.

Georgia Ellery’s warm vocals soar and stutter across the EP’s six tracks, half-whispering stories about illicit romance over Taylor Skye’s soundscapes, which weave luxurious orchestral flourishes with jagged, distorted beats. It feels classically charming, like a crackling old vinyl record or a sepia-toned photograph, but mutated with contemporary electronics. Standout track is Acid where laser noises and plinky piano rub up against lush strings that sound stripped from a black-and-white melodrama and with a Joe Meek esque otherworld production.

For fans of Bjork, Broadcast, Death Grips and Sophie.