Giant Rooks - Rookery

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german art-pop band, giant rooks announce their debut album, ‘rookery’ which will be released worldwide on the 28th august.

coming across like a more ragged version of tame impala, ‘what i know is all quicksand’ finds the band breaking away in new directions. louder, freer and at times angrier than their previous singles ‘what i know…’ is a widescreen vision of a nightmare, with the lyrics taking a surrealist turn and exploring the protagonist’s headspace. the album ‘rookery’ is set to be giant rooks definitive statement as a band so far. blending their disparate influences into one distinct sound, its corporates the story-telling vibe of bob dylan, the dream-like soundscapes of bon iver, the up-beat indie-rock of bombay bicycle club and the concise production stylings of kanye. it’s set to be one of the most unique debuts of 2020.