Frank Zappa - Halloween 81

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Halloween 81: Live At The Palladium, New York City, recorded on October 31, 1981 (two shows) and November 1, 1981 (1 show), is the next of the iconic Frank Zappa Halloween boxset concerts.

The box consists of 6 CDs containing 3 complete concerts featuring all tracks newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes shocking fans with 78 unreleased live tracks. Fans are treated to a Count Frankula mask along with a red and black cape as well. This king-size offering also showcases a 52-page booklet with photos including new liner notes by touring band member Robert Martin, Vaultmeister Joe Travers and fan-in-attendance Gary Titone.

Halloween 81: Highlights From The Palladium, New York City is a 1-CD release combining performances from all 3 shows along with an exclusive track Strictly Genteel from the November 1st show not on the 6-CD boxset (due to CD time constraints) and will be available in a jewel case package with liners by vaultmeister Joe Travers for the casual Zappa fan. Happy Halloween!