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Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter (Slipknot/Stone Sour), actor, and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Corey Taylor releases his widely anticipated debut solo album, CMFT, on Roadrunner Records. The first two singles Black Eyes Blue and CMFT Must Be Stopped (featuring Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie) illuminate the broad spectrum of this fiery and fearless rock ‘n’ roll opus, as Taylor touches on lifelong influences ranging from hard rock to classic rock, punk rock to hip-hop. On Black Eyes Blue Taylor’s vocals soar with nostalgia, while on CMFT Must Be Stopped his rhymes recall his work on Slipknot’s debut record and run alongside bulletproof bars from multi-platinum artist Tech N9ne and UK MC Kid Bookie.

CMFT has been a long time coming for Taylor, with newly written tracks alongside some dating back to his teens. Recorded at Hideout Studio in Las Vegas, with producer Jay Ruston and his band—Christian Martucci [guitar], Zach Throne [guitar], Jason Christopher [bass], and Dustin Robert [drums]— the album traces a wild and exhilarating roadmap through Taylor’s musical psyche. HWY 666 kicks off the album barreling ahead with a devilish twang, while Silverfish peels back the layers of Taylor’s songwriting as acoustic guitars build to a highwire balance of hooks and heft. An ominous bass line gives way to pummeling wah-ed out guitars on Culture Head and the moving piano-driven “Home” offers a raw glimpse at Taylor’s immense vocal range.

Released 02/10/20