Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation

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Taken from the original 2007 masters when Pete Doherty was at the pinnacle of his creative powers, Shotter’s Nation followed in the footsteps Down In Albion, the band’s debut album, and Doherty’s first album outside of his first band - the era-defining Libertines. Both were met with commercial and critical acclaim, breaking into the top 10 of the album charts.

Shotter’s Nation is unmistakably Doherty. Melodic, stark, catchy, raw, brilliantly unique - his music has always created an unflappable loyalty from his many fans, remaining timeless, yet still sending a nostalgic excitement through its listeners. The album also features four songs co-written by Doherty’s then-girlfriend Kate Moss who also regularly performed live with them.

The approach to the recording and release of the album was an escape from Doherty’s previous methods. Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Morrissey, The Cranberries) took over producer duties from The Clash's Mick Jones, and it was and his first album released by a major label, Parlophone.